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James Murphy

I fear, that in order to adequately describe Steve Jobs loss to the world,one would have to have the vision and intellect that only he had. So it's impossible.
We each have our own way of trying to understand what his passing really means.
But you could understand his modus operandi,as he summarised himself when quoting Wayne Gretzki..
'I skate to where the puck will go, not where it's been'.
And for sure, thats where Steve Jobs always was.


Absolutely. Thanks Jim - it's enough to pull you around the twist! ;-)

Seriously, I hope that he continues to inspire others to innovate, create, and think different. The selfish reaction is to fear that we've lost out on countless, new innovations that Jobs was sure to develop, but I have to believe that there is a supreme order to the universe, and that his time had simply come. It was time to pass the baton.

James Murphy

Thing is Ramon, Steve Jobs has long since passed the baton. The spirit of innovation has exploded in thousands of young minds all over the world as a result of SJ's trailblazing over the past 40 years.
The difference is, that when SJ started his journey to 'clearly go where no man had gone before',there were very few people around who had any basic understanding of the concepts he was tackling.
Solving a problem is a talent and he could do that.
A bigger talent is knowing there is a problem in the first place, and he could do both.

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