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Great post Ramon. I'm so excited about 2012. I'm launching my PR firm and I will definitely take your advice to heart. Happy New Year!

Jimmy Estrada

Happy New Year Frat!!!!!!

I want to say that I'm glad of all the accomplishments your company has made last year and the new projects its undertaking this year. I saw Warren Buffet's name and was like word!? Lol.

I like the 10 tips you gave. Even though I don't have my own company (yet) alot of them I can use to improve my personal self.

I've also read another one of your blogs that has helped me. The one about your "Brain" of your daily life. I've started to get into the habit of that more and have found it very useful.

Your blogs are great so keep them coming!


Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate the feedback - wishing you a very healthy and prosperous New Year - stay positive and keep moving forward!


Thank you Angela - we are at your service and hopefully can work together with your new firm in the near future - appreciate the feedback and always look forward to your Facebook posts!


Nice post! I'm following some of your advice and my own business (Design Station) from 13 years ago has been resurrected and going strong. Thanks for being such a good example of a true positive thinker, artist, business person and general good guy! :)

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