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YO! Congrats on the new digs! Awesome!!!! It is amazing how quickly things can change after being laid off. It's the kick in the pants that I needed. Though I'm moving at smaller steps and a more comfortable speed ha ha, I'm finding many similarities in our stories! We should definitely meet up and compare notes (in the new conference room of course!), and compare lunch specials because Liquid Lunch is my FAVE also! :) Best of luck in the new space. You've earned all the glory my friend!


Debi! Thanks for checking out my blog - I know you are busy and writing your own blog these days and I missed your feedback as of late. You are another colleague that knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about and the main reason I keep it real on my blog. Its been 4 years for me and this is the logical progression. Our buddy Fred is going on 8 years working from home, but for me its time to kick it up a notch. Everybody is on their own pace/clock/sets of circumstances and you do what works for you. You get it. My official move in date is May 1, but we should definitely meet up and perhaps even partner up on some design projects as Fred and I are. Stay tuned and we'll set up a tour of the new space. It's pretty cool. I'm literally right across the street from Liquid Lunch. My favorites there are "Vegetarian Lentil" and "Chicken Curry" LOL... I'm going to open up a tab there so I can really "soup and sand" my clients (like wine & dine, get it?) ;-)

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